The game

The Secret Of Widow Lake is a project under development based on the first book of the novel The Cycle, written by Leo Rodríguez, which is not translated to english yet. The story begins with a young detective arriving a beautiful village called Widow Lake, on her way to find and arrest the most letal assassin the world has ever known. Then she will discover how the murder of a 16 years old girl is related with an amazing conspiracy that transcends the
limits of our world. A secret regarding humankind’s past that shall change its future.

The game is intended to be completely developed in UE4 as a “Limited Open World“. It means that only one big scene will be loaded at the beginning (the entire Village), but there are some places not reachable for the player. It is basically a third person Graphic adventure with RPG, Shooter, Driving, QTE and even Survival Horror brushstrokes. During the investigation you’ll have to fight or shoot some strange creatures that appear out of the blue. Their “meaning” will be revealed in the end and I’m sure you’ll be surprised at it. Talking to people is also essential for going forward in game. Most of the time only they have the key for your next step.

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy!


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